Advantages of Ride-on Scrubber Driers

Scrubber driers come in all shapes and sizes. From small corded electric machines to large battery powered, LPG or even diesel combination scrubber-sweepers, there are many options to choose from.

For premises with a significant amount of floor space, ride-on scrubber driers are generally the best option as they usually have a larger scrubbing width, larger water/detergent solution capacity and deliver reduced operator fatigue and therefore increased productivity.


In essence, cleaning with a ride-on scrubber drier is a lot more efficient than using walk behind machines.

Ride-on scrubber driers can reduce the amount of time taken to clean a large expanse of floor, whether it is a large sports hall, long and wide corridors or even a warehouse.

This makes it possible to get more done in the same, or even less, time than a walk behind machine, generating savings in labour costs.

Solution capacity is a major advantage that ride-on scrubber driers have over walk-behinds. The ability to hold more cleaning solution makes for fewer trips to the water source to refill and to the drain to empty out dirty water, and this saves as much as 30 minutes per trip. Over the course of an 8 hour shift, by using a ride-on scrubber drier, it is very easy to add as much as 1-2 hours of “productive” cleaning time.

Wider scrubbing paths also add to the efficiency and increased productivity of ride-on scrubber driers. Since they are mechanically propelled, navigating a wider path is easier when riding. Adding just 8 inches to the cleaning path, or going from a 20” machine to a 28” machine, will save 3 entire passes on a 40,000 sq/ft floor. Based on an average 6 minutes per pass, the increased scrubbing width can add almost 20 minutes of productive time. Over the course of one year, that is 122 hours!

Employee productivity is also improved. Since the operator rides instead of walking, fatigue is reduced meaning they are physically able to maintain a more productive rate of work after they have finished scrubbing the floor.

All of these things add up to a larger area being cleaned, more often, making for an all-around cleaner facility. Just using a scrubber drier is a big improvement over the manual mopping of floors, but when you add in the many significant advantages of a ride-on scrubber drier, the benefits become even greater.


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