The importance of carpet cleaning in Healthcare environments

It is important that residents of care homes have clean and deodorised carpets where germs cannot breed, because the elderly and infirm are particularly vulnerable to infections.

Carpets should be regularly deep cleaned with the appropriate chemicals to help fight dirt, odours, infections and germs. The dirt that causes infection cannot be seen with the human eye, nor can it be vacuumed away. A professional powered machine must be used, one which will get right down to the base of the carpet.

IFM (UK) supply professional self-contained carpet soil extraction machines from Prochem, Truvox Hydromist and Rug Doctor.

Hydromist Compact with toolsRug Doctor machines

These machines inject the correct amount of carpet detergent into the carpet and the roller brush cleans each fibre of the carpet.
With some residents prone to spillages, accidents and incontinence, keeping carpets and soft furnishings clean can be an ongoing issue.

The Prochem chemical range is the ideal solution with such products as Neutra-Soft all-in-one carpet detergent, Urine Neutraliser and Odour Fresh perfect for those embarrassing stains and odours.


The powerful vacuum motors on commercial machines also means that carpets can be dry within 1-2 hours.

Upholstery tool attachments allow for soft furnishings and mattresses to be kept clean too.

This simple procedure of deep cleaning carpets, upholstery and mattresses can help make sure residents live in a clean and fresh environment.


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