Cleaning warehouse floors – a Health & Safety issue

Warehouses through their very nature are high risk locations. High level racking systems, fork lift trucks moving back and forth, pallets of goods at ground level and at height, and areas where lighting fails to adequately penetrate creating poor visibility.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that suitable precautions are taken to maintain and enhance safety for all building users, and nowhere is this more important than by keeping floors clear of litter and free from dirt and spillages.

Slips, trips and falls remain the most common cause of workplace accidents, accounting for almost 1/3 of all major workplace injuries in 2012/13 (HSE statistics). Recent surveys highlight the fact that while slips and trips remain a priority concern for employers, few felt that organisations are fully effective at controlling the slip and trip risk.

To help companies overcome some of the issues associated with cleaning floors in warehouses and other industrial buildings, there is a wide range of sweeping machines available from various manufacturers and suppliers to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Where large warehousing facilities exist, the Comac CS100/CS120 battery, diesel or bi-fuel (LPG) powered ride-on sweepers come in to their own.

Designed to easily collect solid debris as well as light dust, the CS100/CS120 is at the top of the range in terms of power, capacity, durability and heavy duty performance.

A debris hopper with a capacity of over 400 litres allows the CS100 to cover an area of up to 16,200m2/hour.

Once a warehouse floor has been cleared of solid debris, litter and dust, it is essential that the floor is thoroughly cleaned to remove residual liquid spillages, especially those of a greasy or oily nature which could pose serious slip hazards.

The Comac Ultra 100B is a scrubber drier compact in size yet innovative in its design and is perfectly suited to both maintenance and deep cleaning of medium to large sized areas.


With a working width of 1,000mm and a solution tank of 200 litres, the Ultra 100B can cover an area up to 6,500m2 per hour. The machine has been designed to make the operator’s job as comfortable as possible and to be extremely user friendly for even unskilled staff.

The Ultra 100B also boasts excellent low noise levels thanks to the suction motor being fitted inside a double wall tank made of insulating polyethylene.

Maintaining the appearance, safety and integrity of warehouse floors is essential to meet strict Health & Safety regulations, as well as ensuring that the working environment is both safe and productive for those working there.

By using high quality floor cleaning machines, designed to meet the demands of today’s busy working environments, it is easier for a cleaning contractor or warehouse operator to meet those regulations and in so doing to maintain and enhance safety and to increase productivity.

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Comac Vispa 35B scrubber drier

Comac Vispa 35B

Comac Vispa 35B

Comac Vispa 35B scrubber drier, ideal for cleaning smaller environments (500-1,000 sqm) such as health clubs, school classrooms, canteens, smaller retail stores, etc.

Powered by a 12v gel maintenance-free battery, run time is >1.25 hours with an 8 hour recharge time from its on-board charger.

A 10 litre solution tank and 35cm (14″) scrubbing width make this little machine your perfect partner for cleaning those smaller and tighter spaces.

Available from IFM (UK) Ltd for just £1,395.00 + VAT, includes battery & pad holder.

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Comac Innova 55B scrubber drier

The Comac Innova 55B ride-on scrubber drier is compact and versatile.

With a 560mm scrubbing path and 70 litres solution tank, powered by 2 x 12v gel maintenance-free batteries with on-board charger, the Innova 55B is the perfect machine for cleaning corridors, atriums and even classrooms and treatment rooms.

It is small enough to fit through most doorways and can even travel in elevators (lifts).

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